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Is Hiring Roadside Assistance Worth It? Let’s Find Out!

Roadside assistance is typically a service designed to help you in your dire time, especially when your vehicle malfunctioned suddenly in the middle of nowhere.

When you reach out to your roadside assistance service provider, a team of professionals will try to resolve your issues over the phone, and if they cannot, they will send experts to fix your problem by towing it to the nearest auto mechanic shop. The most common roadside assistance services include-

  • jumpstarts
  • battery replacements
  • breakdown tows
  • tire changes
  • emergency fuel
  • key recovery

But here is one question that always pops up in every individual’s mind- Is roadside assistance worth it?

The answer depends upon how does roadside assistance work. So, let’s get started.

How does roadside assistance work? 

When you call the roadside assistance service provider, the renowned ones generally ask a series of questions regarding your vehicle to figure out the cause behind the breakdown if only it is not obvious.

If experts are unable to pinpoint the issues or get you on the road quickly with an en easy fix on the call, a team of professionals will send a roadside assistance contractor or towing service to assist you.

Which breakdown cover do I need?

However, roadside assistance is offered by various companies, and their products and services will be the same! Having said that, if your car breaks down, reach out to the roadside assistance services provider, and if needed, they will dispatch a roadside contractor or towing vehicle to get you back on the road. Right? So, how can you differentiate which one is better than the other? According to some consumers, what matters to them the most is- the cost of services and after that the rescue vehicle fleet size. Therefore, if you are also looking for the same, we are here to assist you whenever you need us

Is roadside assistance part of car insurance?

The answer is No! However, you can purchase a Roadside Assistance membership with or without car insurance.

Is roadside assistance considered a claim?

No, it isn’t! To your knowledge, car insurance is used for covering loss or damage that happened to your car, whereas roadside assistance is typically designed to help you get your car back on the road when it breaks down. In addition, a car insurance claim may result in your insurance premium being increased (to reflect your higher risk rating), a roadside-assistance callout will not!

Do I need roadside assistance if my car is still under warranty?

These days, as a part of the manufacturer’s new-car warranty almost 90% of car dealers offer roadside assistance. To put it simply, you may be able to access roadside assistance for the duration of your car’s warranty. Having said that, however, terms and conditions may vary between service providers. Therefore, prior to deciding whether to stay with your provider or seek another’s service, ensure to compare the T&Cs.

We hope with the above-answered questions, you now have gotten your answer to whether roadside assistance is worthy or not. If you still need help, please feel free to contact us.

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