Medium Duty Towing

Salinas is undoubtedly a bustling city, which means the availability of medium-duty vehicles like box trucks, delivery, utility trucks, and buses are extremely common. Like any other piece of machinery, medium-duty vehicles break down every now and then, and when it happens while you are on your job, it is frustrating. Whether you are stuck somewhere or want to move your vehicle from one point to another, our medium-duty towing services will help you do it without much of a hassle.
At National towing Salinas, we understand the importance of speed and efficiency, so we will be ready with our medium-duty tow truck to rescue you from the situation whenever we receive a call regarding roadside assistance. Within our medium-duty wrecker and towing services, we will provide help with conditions like
  • We will help you unlock it with our state-of-the-art tools when you are locked out of your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle stops working because of a dead battery, we will help you jumpstart it and help you move your vehicle to the nearest mechanic’s shop.
  • We will also help you with a flat tire if you cannot fix it yourself.
  • If you have run out of fuel, we will provide you with enough fuel to reach the next fuel station.
  • If you are looking for someone to help you with long-distance towing, National Towing Salinas is the perfect company you can get in touch with

Benefits of hiring National Towing Salinas when you require medium-duty towing

With hundreds of medium-duty towing services in Salinas, CA, we make sure that our clients can enjoy some of the benefits of choosing us. So, some of our services at National towing Salinas are unparalleled when it comes to medium duty towing services in the Salinas area:
Speedy Response: When you are in the middle of your job, and your vehicle breaks down, you must fix it and get back to work as soon as possible. So with our speedy response service, we will respond to your call immediately and reach wherever you are stuck as fast as possible.

Expert Operators: We have handpicked our two truck operators from all over the California area to ensure that your vehicle is handled by only the best professionals in the industry. All our operators have years of experience operating medium-duty towing trucks, which makes them perfect to handle any towing, whether local or long-distance.

24/7 Availability: We are available to respond to your emergency towing and recovery calls 24/7. No matter what time of the day it is, we can assure you that our operators will be available to handle your requests promptly.

We also help people tow their trucks from anywhere in the Salinas area to anywhere in California. We have skilled operators behind the wheel, trained in using state-of-the-art technology and modern tools and gears that ensure safe towing. Our operators are friendly, have in-depth knowledge about the routes in and out of Salinas, provide efficient services, and our services are affordable.
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