Roadside Assistance

When you have a car or any vehicle, there is a chance that you might experience a flat tire or get locked out of your car. For times like that, you should always have the contact number of the roadside assistance company ready at hand. To find the perfect company in your area, you can find the list of some of the top companies by searching roadside assistance near me. We are one of the leading companies in the Salinas, CA area, providing high-quality and trustworthy emergency roadside assistance for decades. With years of experience, we are aware of the latest technology in the industry, and we ensure that our towing trucks are equipped with the latest technology and tools.
As one of the prominent roadside assistance companies, we provide 24-hour roadside assistance, no matter where in Salinas you are. You should call in for roadside assistance because we have the equipment, gears, and skills to safely remove a car or perform minor technical fixes in your vehicle.

Types of roadside assistance that National Towing Salinas provide

We are one of the first companies that have started providing towing and roadside assistance services in the Salinas area, and today we give some of the broadest range of roadside assistance services in Salinas, CA:
Towing Services: One of the primary services that we provide with our emergency roadside assistance service is towing services for heavy, medium-duty, and smaller vehicles. We have a fleet of some of the world’s top-rated towing trucks that can handle a towing requirement of several magnitudes. So, whether you want to get your heavy-duty truck towed or your car, we have the equipment and towing truck to handle all your requirements.

Jumpstart Services: If your vehicle has stopped working in the middle of the road because your battery is dead, we also provide jumpstart services. Our professionals will respond to your call immediately and reach your location as soon as possible to restart your battery so that you can reach your destination.

Flat Tire: Flat tire is one of the most common vehicle problems many people face every day. Even though you can fix the problem without professional assistance, if you have no experience changing tires, you might prefer a professional do it to avoid unnecessary hassle later. We also assist with changing tires and help you reach your destination without much delay. A quick tip on preventing flat tires is to get them checked regularly and repair your old tires.

Lockout: If you have been locked out of your vehicle for some unfortunate reason, our professionals will help you with skills and professional tools. Apart from a flat tire, the lockout is another situation where people need help with roadside assistance.

Fuel delivery: If you have forgotten to check your fuel before leaving your house, you might find yourself in dire need of help from roadside assistance service providers. For such situations, we also provide fuel delivery services so that you can reach the nearest fuel station without any worry.
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